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Bitcoin investments are best in recent times and it has given many folds of profit since last one year and now the time for all other good altcoin investments.

Meanwhile, the altcoins languish, cape the storm as they can lose more value every day that happens because everyone wants to get into the king's chariot. Never mind selling Dash or Nxt today, they will be bought again tomorrow when Bitcoin will relax.

But it is not tomorrow when they will be on sale, it is today, in fact, many have already doubled their prices from lows and will probably continue to rise. That must be taken advantage of. Here is a list of the ten altcoins that I believe should be invested at these prices.

1- Maidsafe (MAID) - 100% essential, if you do not invest in this fantastic project you will have to explain to your children why you missed the opportunity to participate in the new Internet and perhaps also why you let escape that revalorization that made the same Apple. We do not know if, in the end, David Irvine's debut film will arrive in good shape but the project is worth it.

2- Dash (DASH) - Evan Duffield's currency has been bottomed out (as all of them) having recovered 25% of the maximum of the fall but the price continues to be a great attraction. It is a serious project although not exempt from some controversies related to its initial distribution. Since its launch, it has enjoyed great acceptance and constant development.

3- Ethereum (ETH) - The most anticipated release with more hype of 2015 came with Bitcoin still asleep and it swept the market by moving large volumes and attracting investors. Now it has touched the face B but it is still a great project and that makes it an investment with good expectations.

4- Bitshares (BTS) Another good project that had many problems that even led to change the devs team. Suddenly, they announced a version 2.0 and began to enter money. Everyone expected a big pump that eventually stayed in an x2 before deflating to half its pre-rinse value. Now it is recovering and can be a good opportunity.

5 - Blackcoin (BLK) - Honestly, I do not see too much future for this coin that had its great moment in 2014 but that really brings little to survive the final screen. All in all, 6000 satoshis are an irresistible price to play with. Historically whenever he has touched this ground has rebounded surpassing the x3, so it is worth trying.

6- Nxt (NXT) - No one understands that the forerunner of coloured coins and p2p exchange, among other innovations, has dragged its price practically since it was launched. Just a pump in 2014 for a project that has shown much more than most. It is true that the initial distribution was a disaster, leaving all the coins in the hands of a little more than 70 investors, but also it is that others, with much less than this, have been objecting of great pumps. For me, it is a very clear investment.

7- Monero (XMR) - At this moment it costs a little not to lose faith in monero looking at your quote. It is a clear example of a project that has gone from most to least in every way but given that it came (and is) in 100% of a short signal and that it will hardly die without war, I think it leaves a clear space to seek a return on investment.

8- Peercoin (PPC) - First-adopter of the mining system based on the POS (test of participation) in front of the POW (work test) of Bitcoin and standard bearer of the eco-crypto, peercoin has been evolving without making much noise but always to the forefront. A good community behind and an imminent update puts her in the top positions as a candidate for a pump. I would try it.

9- Namecoin (NMC) - What has this altcoin that deserves the risk of an investment? because two things, usually pair up with Bitcoin and trade in BTC-e. The first has not happened this time, as have not lite-coin or others that used to do the same with the queen coin, but has many chances to end up being the destination of many bitcoins at the end of this rise. At least recent history supports it.

10- Gulden (NLG) - This is perhaps the most risky. It is only traded in Bittrex and Bleutrade, has a ridiculous market cap and is little known in general. But there is something in its favour, it is one of the few that can say that has made the leap to the real world. In Holland it's use I will not say that is common but yes frequent. There it has transcended and you can pay with it until a trip in a metro. That and a current signal are moti


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