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Makeup tips for wedding night


Makeup tips for wedding night

A darker and dramatic makeup is appropriate for an evening wedding and read on these makeup tips

While a traditional wedding takes place during the afternoon , many brides opt for an evening wedding . The darkness of the night provides a more glamorous and dramatic tone for the event , which can also affect the way you choose your makeup.

go dramatic - During an evening wedding , lighting is darker , so makeup should be more daring and dramatic in order to be noticeable. Light colors can be pale and dull appearance, especially in professional photographs . For the best look at night , use a heavy bronze base with a yellow tone. Choose a darker , like burgundy or red lipstick , and combine it with an eyeliner pencil and lip gloss to create a fleshy and bright. Use dark eye shadow and false to highlight the eyes and make them more defined lashes. A shimmering blush may also reflect well on the night light . Note that makeup wedding night will harmonize with your skin tone and hair color for best results. Brides of blond hair and fair complexion look better with cool colors such as gray , blue and lavender. Brides with dark skin and dark hair look best in warm colors like burgundy and brown. Brides who do not have much experience in make-up you may want to hire a makeup artist for the wedding as it will be able to create the best look , than faded , too exaggerated or wrong for your skin tone .

Smoky Eyes - While smoky eyes can seem too daring for a wedding day , are more appropriate for an evening wedding . Smoky eyes can give the bride a glamorous and sexy look that highlights the features of the face . Use eyeliner pencil in black or gray eyes to delineate the top and bottom lash line . Smudge the liner with a cotton swab , and then applies a dark eye shadow , such as blue or green , to complement the skin tone of the bride, the eyelid. Use a shiny silver eye shadow color along the crease to give smoky eyes a subtle sheen . Continue applying eye shadow until the desired darkness is achieved.

alternate makeup - Alternative mimics makeup vintage makeup styles and glamor of Hollywood , such as Audrey Hepburn full lips and thick eyebrows and smoky eyes or lips arc style cupid girls calendar 1920 . The alternative makeup works well at night because it is often dramatic. Makeup looking flashy or extravagant during the day may seem glamorous at night. If the bride is wearing a vintage dress or a party dress , alternative wedding makeup at night can give your style a touch of fun . It uses a bronze or tornazolado and unusual colors of eye shadow, like wine, purple or green. A matte lipstick vivid colors such as pink, orange or bright red, makes the lips of the bride explode and give them an electric look. For lips cupid bow style applying lipstick more added to the lips and less wide , for a small fleshy appearance and height. Create and defined brows with a pencil dark eyebrows. Remember not to overdo the look , as this may cause the bride appears to be wearing a painted face. If the bride has striking lips, tone down the color of the eyes


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